Bespoke furniture made to your spec & budget

Did you just buy a new house? Perhaps you recently built a new one? Or maybe you have been wanting to remodel or redecorate for some time now, and you’re just finally getting around to doing the work. Deciding on what furniture to put in each room of your home is the fun, yet somewhat challenging part of the new adventure.

If you are like most people, you’ll go to the furniture store, or even shop online. You may not find exactly what you are looking for, but you’ll probably settle for something you can live with, right? You’ll probably tell yourself that you will replace it when you find something you like better, or you will buy better furniture when you can afford it. It could wind up being years before you find the furniture you actually want. If you are waiting for the right thing to come along, you may never have the exact furniture you want. But, did you know that you can buy custom made furniture?

Worried about the cost?

Understandably, you may be worried about the cost of custom made furniture. It may be cheaper to just buy something already in the store for now, while promising yourself that you will upgrade at some point. But at what point do you stop sacrificing quality just to get a better price? If you plan to own your home for a long time, if you spend more now, you may not have to replace anything in the future. Alternatively, if you are planning on selling your home in the next few years, you could spend a little extra now, and increase the value of your home when you sell it. Think about your bedroom, for example. If you are already in the process of remodeling, why not spring for bespoke cupboards? They may cost more than buying used cupboards from someone else who is already remodeling or using those cupboards that just didn’t fit right somewhere else. However, why not order custom made cupboards? They will be made to fit your room, and you can have them made however you like. Another positive is they will most likely outlast the cupboards you were considering using instead.

It’s common knowledge that bespoke furniture usually costs more than the average, straight from the factory, one size fits all type of furniture. You may be asking yourself why it would cost more, or if it would be worth paying more just to have something custom made. Many factors contribute to the price. Take, for example, the cupboards that everyone seems to have in their bedrooms. They were likely purchased from a large distributor or ordered through a catalog. They all look alike because they were all produced using the similar design. Now, think about those bespoke cupboards. They were designed specifically for you. Naturally, you are going to pay more for something more complex than you would for just a basic design.

The material being used is another factor that contributes to the price. If you want your furniture to last longer, you’re going to want better quality materials. Those materials are more expensive to buy, making your furniture cost more. Although it may be a bigger investment right now, it is important to remember that you won’t have to replace it as soon, if at all. This means it will cost less in the long run, making it well worth the cost.

Bespoke services

Custom made furniture, also known as bespoke furniture, is a great way to meet all your furniture needs. It is high-quality furniture and you can decide how much or how little you need. If it’s not in your budget to purchase all bespoke furniture at this time, you can always start with one room or section of your house now, and customise the rest of it down the road.

Bespoke furniture for offices

Imagine buying a bookshelf that fits perfectly in its intended location. You arrive home with your new bookshelf and you don’t have to choose a different place for it because it was custom-made to fit in that exact spot. Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will turn out exactly the way you want. If you are in need of a bespoke bookcase, there are many options from which you can choose. There are L-shaped bookcases, which are perfect for wrapping around corners. There are also libraries that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Perhaps the most elegant are the bookcases with the glass doors.

Bespoke furniture for bedrooms

Now, take a moment to consider your bedroom. Do you have a wardrobe? If the answer is no, is it because your bedroom is too small and you don’t think a wardrobe would fit? The good news is, you can order fitted wardrobes in London, specifically designed to fit your needs. If you do have a wardrobe, how do you feel about it? Most people have complained about their wardrobe at some point or another. Is yours the right size, or is it too small, or maybe just a little too big for your room? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Could it use some improvement? There’s great news for you as well. You can order custom built wardrobes with or without drawers or doors. You can even add lights.

Bespoke furniture for living-rooms

Have you ever been sitting in your living room, and decided that there is just not enough room? Have you tried rearranging furniture to try to make the room seem bigger? Maybe you are content with the way everything is set up, but you just can’t find the right entertainment center to hold your television and whatever media devices you use along with it. C-Made also makes bespoke media units to hold your television and all your entertainment devices. Another great addition to your living room is custom contemporary furniture.

Bespoke furniture for storage rooms

Do you have a basement, an attic, or maybe just a storage room? Most people don’t put much thought into those areas, other than just using them for storage. A few times a year, you may think about organising
your storage area. You may even plan out a day that you are going to set aside for this task. But it seems like something always comes up, and you just never get to it. You may even have totes that you are planning on using for sorting everything or shelves that you will eventually use. Well, C-Made also makes shelves that are the perfect fitted storage. You can order shelves that are made to fit under your steps, extra shelves for your closet that are the right size to meet your storage needs or even shelves that can line your entire storage room.


Assuming by this point you have decided to order custom made furniture, you may be wondering just how you would go about doing it. Our designer will discuss with you all your ideas, thoughts, requirements, budget, and any other needs associated with your space. Based on the initial consultation, our team will prepare a detailed proposal, outlining the scope of works and services, to include an estimated project cost. Finally, 3D model presentation and sketches, technical drawings with a comprehensive specification of materials, finishes, and lighting, where applicable, and accurate costings are provided at this stage.

From concept design to complete installation, we pride ourselves in delivering a full package of bespoke furniture service, that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. We believe that enjoying your new bespoke furniture is as important as enjoying the entire process, from consultation to manufacture and installation. Everything we do is about the journey, building strong relationships, based on mutual trust. This is what makes us different (

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