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Challenged by your ideas & driven by your expectations

Whether you want to spend a long family evening or a movie night with your friends, lounge furniture plays a major part in everyone’s comfort, quality of time, and relationships building. Through our bespoke services, we aim at taking all these at an entirely new level.

Life-as-usual nights and mornings are as calming, restful and organised as your bedroom furniture (i.e. wardrobe, cupboard, display unit, desk) allows. Through our bespoke service, we aim at taking all these to an entirely new level.

Every piece of furniture in your home office plays an important part in your comfort, productivity and potential. 

Whether you want to display or declutter, or just to tidy up any part of your home, storage furniture is the solution. Through our bespoke service, we aim at taking all these to an entirely new level.

Bespoke design process

initial design consultation

Our designer will discuss with you all your ideas, thoughts, requirements, budget, and any other needs associated with your space. 

Cost proposal

Based on the initial consultation, our team will prepare a detailed proposal, outlining the scope of works and services, to include an estimated project cost.

Final design

3D model presentation and sketches, technical drawings with a comprehensive specification of materials, finishes, and lighting, where applicable, and accurate costings are provided at this stage.

Bespoke manufacture & installation


This is where your bespoke furniture is brought to life


Our team will deliver and install your furniture with the utmost care and respect for your home, ensuring the experience is as hassle-free as possible.

We care

We understand the environmental impact of everything we do, and we have been dedicated to having a sustainable approach at every stage of the process. We make a conscious choice of every material proposed and used, aiming in the future for all materials to be sustainable or having the potential to be fully recyclable at the end of use.

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