New work-from-home era: Maximise space through bespoke furniture

We are now spending more time at home than ever before and this has had a great impact on how we use our homes and how we feel about them. Without a doubt, working from home will be the new normal and making spaces work for multiple occasions will be critical.  

Your ideas

Every piece of furniture in your home plays an important part in your comfort, productivity and potential. The aim is to maximise your living space as much as possible through clever joinery (i.e. bespoke desks, bespoke storage units and floating shelves), to create rooms that are reconfigurable depending on the time of day. For instance, a bespoke fold away bed can become a desk during the day and a fold down desk can allow even a cozy corner to be turned into an effective home office when needed. You know every inch of your living space better than anyone else, so don’t be shy. Through your creative ideas and our bespoke services, we can take all these to an entirely new level.

Our expertise

‘Challenged by your ideas and driven by your expectations’ – our motto.

From concept design to complete installation, we pride ourselves in delivering a full package of bespoke furniture service, that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations.

  • Here is how we helped a DJ to adapt to the work-from-home era.  The bespoke desk is beautifully designed to accommodate all his equipment (still to be installed).
  • Bespoke home office corner desks are on demand at the moment; the desks are made-to-measure and will fit exactly in the room, and at the same time you will be able to have office storage made to your exact requirements.
  • Here is another example: a must-have when looking for smart multi-purpose furniture (bespoke laundry baskets, speaker cabinet and storage unit).

The experience of lockdown will have a lasting effect on us all and many will be rethinking the kind of life they want to live post-pandemic, along with the role their homes could play in this. Smart bespoke furniture will always improve living, but now more than ever, this can be used to transform a room into different functions.

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