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Welcome to the c-made custom furniture FAQ page! Here, we have compiled a collection of frequently asked questions to provide you with all the information you need about our bespoke furniture services.

Whether you are curious about our design process, installation procedures, or want to know more about our commitment to excellence, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for. Browse through our FAQ section to gain insights into our tailored solutions, and discover why C-Made stands out in delivering exceptional custom furniture experiences.

To secure the booking of your project, an initial invoice for 25% of the total cost will be issued before the drawings are prepared. Once you are satisfied with the drawings, we will schedule a starting date for the project. On the designated starting date, when our team arrives with all the necessary materials and tools on-site, a second invoice for 50% of the total cost will be due.

After the project is successfully completed to your utmost satisfaction, the final invoice for the remaining 25% will be issued for payment.

The provided quote includes the following aspects: 3D Sketchup drawings, manufacturing, delivery, fitting, and painting services.

Our five-year guarantee provides coverage for issues such as doors dropping off, shelves sagging or breaking, and units falling down. However, please note that cracking seams and lighting are not included in the guarantee coverage. The guarantee begins automatically once the project has been completed.

Rest assured, we have a meticulous approach when it comes to manufacturing. Our trained team carefully inspects for any errors before leaving the site. In the event that a panel is damaged during transport prior to installation, we promptly replace it with a new part and proceed with the fitting process.

Similarly, if any panel is accidentally damaged during the fitting process, we will bring a new part and seamlessly continue with the installation. Our aim is to complete each project without any damages, ensuring your satisfaction.

We provide a comprehensive package of bespoke furniture, allowing you the freedom to make any desired changes to the drawings. However, please keep in mind that we require a minimum of 10 working days prior to installation to adequately prepare the wood for your customized modifications.

Typically, we schedule fitting dates approximately 6 to 8 weeks after the deposit is received. Once you have approved the final design drawings, we require 10 working days to prepare the materials in our workshop.

We prioritize the highest quality fittings for our projects and do not compromise on their durability. Our preferred choice for hinges is Blum, utilizing heavy-duty plates to ensure long-lasting adjustments and prevent doors from loosening over time. To achieve a contemporary aesthetic, we often incorporate push-to-open catches from Hafele.

However, if you have specific handle preferences, you are welcome to purchase them, and we will gladly fit them for you. When it comes to drawer runners, we rely on Blum’s Movento system, which offers push-to-open and soft-closing features.

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